About Sara Sharpe Catering

All brilliant ideas – and in this case, delicious ideas – begin somewhere.

Florida native Sara Sharpe began her culinary career as the Director of the Cuisinart Test Kitchen in Stamford, Connecticut. While her travels allowed her to study with some of the finest minds in French cooking, her love for cooking and planning brought her back to Miami where she founded Sara Sharpe Catering in 1978. Her instructors and inspirations include such legends as French Master Chefs Michel Guerard, Jean Troisgros and Roger Verge.

Sara’s journeys throughout the Caribbean and Europe afford her the opportunity to bring culinary trends from around the globe together to create entire concepts, not merely individual dishes. Whatever your menu demands, from dietary restrictions (kosher-style, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut allergies) to respecting time-honored traditions (see our Quinceanera and Bar/Bat Mitzvah sections), Sara and her staff will work with you to create a culinary experience that is exquisite and memorable.